Central Venous Pressure (CVP) monitroing

Course Description

CVP.mp4Introduction of the course

This course on Central venous pressure (CVP) monitoring prepares nurses to attain skills while working in critical care area in hospital settings.

Central venous pressure (CVP), an estimate of right atrial pressure, has been used to assess cardiac preload and volume status in critically ill patients, assist in the diagnosis of right-sided heart failure, and guide fluid resuscitation.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Understand the concepts related to CVP monitoring
  • Develop skill in measuring CVP
  • Enlist the site of insertion for CVP and catheter care
  • Describe the essential points to be remembered during catheter insertion 

Instructor: Ms. Medha Verma, Senior Manager – Nursing Education, Bodhi Health Education


    Details of the Course
    1. Introduction of the course

      In this module we will discuss about various aspects of Central Venous Pressure (CVP) monitoring.

      The module is divided into two parts:

      Part A-Basic concepts of CVP monitoring

      Part B- CVP monitoring contd.

    Part A-Basic concepts of CVP monitoring
    1. This part of the module deals with:

      • CVP monitoring-introduction
      • Catheter insertion-essential points
      • Sites of Catheter insertion
      • Measuring CVP
      • Optimal use of system

    Part B- CVP monitoring contd.
    1. This part of the module deals with:

      • Complications related to CVP line and monitoring
      • Nursing responsibility related to CVP line insertion and care

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