Introduction to Cardiac Monitor

Course Description

cardiac monitor.mp4Introduction of the course

This module on Cardiac Monitor demonstrates the parts of a bedside cardiac monitor, how to monitor vital parameters and placement of a 12 lead ECG in a hospitalised patient.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Understand the basics of a cardiac monitor and its functioning
  • Develop skill in attaching a cardiac monitor to the patient
  • Help nurses in clinical practice to monitor the cardiac and respiratory parameters of a hospitalized client and provide appropriate care until discharge

Instructor: Ms. Kanika Rai, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, MMU

Facility: Maharishi Markandeshwar Hospital, Maharishi Markandeshwar University (MMU), Mullana, Ambala


    Details of the Course
    1. Introduction of the course

      A cardiac monitor is a device that enables continuous monitoring of cardiovascular and pulmonary function of a patient.

      The module is divided into two parts:

    Part A- Introduction to Cardiac Monitor
    1. This part describes the details of cardiac monitor its parts, and the method of using a cardiac monitor for a hospitalised client.

      • Definition
      • Purpose
      • Parts of cardiac monitor
      • Parameters that can be monitored on a cardiac monitor
      • Preparation of a patient while attaching to the cardiac monitor


    Part B- Attaching Cardiac Monitor to patient
    1. This part of the module deals with the live demonstration of the steps followed in attaching the cardiac monitor in a hospitalised patient. It also gives a brief review of the observations to be made while attaching the cardiac monitor, instructions given to the client and precautions to be taken in handling electrical equipments in the unit.

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