Dr. Shallu

Dental Educator

Having an academic background in dentistry Dr. Shallu has always been passionate about medical science.  

She has a very inquisitive temperament and while clearing doubts about something she pursues it  to the very end.

She believes that learning is complete only when the knowledge is further taught and passed on efficiently.

At Bodhi, under the guidance of Dr. Ravneet Lamba  she has contributed very meticulously to the development of the Dental education aid programme. She has a firm belief that hands-on learning should be a vital part of any curriculum.

Continuing her passion and love for medical science she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Pharmacology at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

On personal front she is a very alive personality and loves to talk at length on a diverse range of topics. Watching movies, exploring cafes and eating joints, reading and keeping fit are few of her other interests.

Learning by doing and teaching is her motto.