Orthodontics Level 1

Introduction of the course

This module on Orthodontics is a comprehensive course for the undergraduate BDS students to learn the basic theoretical & clinical aspects of the specialty.  In level 1, the introduction to orthodontic treatment, etiology and classification, instruments & appliances, preventive & interceptive orthodontic treatment options have been covered.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Understand Orthodontic specialty
  • Plan the treatment for orthodontic patients
  • Aid in Diagnosis & Treatment planning
  • Classifying Malocclusion
  • Identify the orthodontic Instruments & appliances
  • Prevent & Intercept malocclusion
  • Identify abnormal oral habits in growing children & correcting them

 Instructor: Dr. Ravneet kaur, MDS, Orthodontics.

                    Dr. Ritika, BDS