SMARTHIRE is an online screening platform for the hiring of nurses. It has a large pool of job-role specific question banks and provides real-time reports on candidates performance

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Large hospitals and hospital chains today face very high attrition rates of 25-30% annually for their nursing and technician staff.

Bodhi's online SmartHire product helps the HR manager to screen and recruit right candidates for the job roles based on their competencies. It currently provides 2000+ job role specific assessment and case scenarios covering more than 30+ medical topics and 25+ job roles.

Key benefits

All the assessments are created by experts and based on actual scenarios w.r.t. patient handling

Instant and automated results on candidate performance saving manual HR time on recruiting.

Performance dashboard for the HR manager to make informed choice before making an offer.

The platform is effectively helping our customers in hiring competent staff while lowering their attrition rate and improving patient outcomes.

See the benefits for your organisation

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