Introduction to Cardiac Monitor


Introduction of the course

This module on Cardiac Monitor demonstrates the parts of a bedside cardiac monitor, how to monitor vital parameters and placement of a 12 lead ECG in a hospitalised patient.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Understand the basics of a cardiac monitor and its functioning
  • Develop skill in attaching a cardiac monitor to the patient
  • Help nurses in clinical practice to monitor the cardiac and respiratory parameters of a hospitalized client and provide appropriate care until discharge

Instructor: Ms. Kanika Rai, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, MMU

Facility: Maharishi Markandeshwar Hospital, Maharishi Markandeshwar University (MMU), Mullana, Ambala

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    Details of the Course

    Introduction of the course

    A cardiac monitor is a device that enables continuous monitoring of cardiovascular and pulmonary function of a patient.

    The module is divided into two parts:

    Part A- Introduction to Cardiac Monitor

    This part describes the details of cardiac monitor its parts, and the method of using a cardiac monitor for a hospitalised client.

    • Definition
    • Purpose
    • Parts of cardiac monitor
    • Parameters that can be monitored on a cardiac monitor
    • Preparation of a patient while attaching to the cardiac monitor


    Introduction to Cardiac Monitor - 11:28

    Part B- Attaching Cardiac Monitor to patient

    This part of the module deals with the live demonstration of the steps followed in attaching the cardiac monitor in a hospitalised patient. It also gives a brief review of the observations to be made while attaching the cardiac monitor, instructions given to the client and precautions to be taken in handling electrical equipments in the unit.

    Attaching Cardiac Monitor to patient - 8:51

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Course Overview

Maximum duration of video: 20:19
Total number of questions: 16

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