Introduction to common eye conditions and best practices for eye care


Introduction.mp4This course teaches about basic concepts of eye related diseases and the best practices for care of eye. It gives a brief description of the anatomy of eye, care of eye and common conditions of the eye. The course has been developed in Hindi with simple and easy to understand illustrations.

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    Introduction to Basic Eye Care

    Why is basic eye care important for health workers? - 2:20

    Anatomy of an Eye

    Basic anatomy and physiology of an eye - 8:28

    Looking at patients eye (External examinations)

    Taking patients history and eye examination - 6:31

    How to detect Refractive Errors

    Testing the vision by measuring Visual Acuity - 7:58


    Cataract detection using Torch Light - 4:56

    Conjunctivitis & Red eye differential analysis

    Conjunctivitis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - 4:43

    Night Blindness or Vitamin A Deficiency

    Vitamin A Deficiency: Detection, Prevention - 4:14

    Common Eye Injuries and First Aid

    How to respond to common eye injuries? - 10:11


    What is Glaucoma? - 6:20

    Squint: Causes and Detection

    How to detect Squint eyes? - 5:02

    General Eye Care and Disease Prevention

    Basic eye care and precautions for disease prevention - 5:27
Maximum duration of video: 1:06:10
Total number of questions: 34

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Course Overview

Maximum duration of video: 1:06:10
Total number of questions: 34

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