Peripherally Inserted Venous Catheter (PIVC) Cannulation, I/V Infusion Therapy and Cannula removal


Introduction of the course

PIVC cannulation is a skill that is central to manage patients
efficiently as many times patient is unable to consume medications orally or
even consume fluids. Emergency situations like these or planned OPD procedures
may not leave an option for professionals but to use ‘Parenteral’ route.


At the end of the course the learner would be
able to:

  • Understand
    the principles behind PIVC insertion
  • Demonstrate
    the skill of performing PIVC insertion
  • Understand
    the procedure of IV infusion therapy
  • Perform
    the procedure of IV infusion therapy
  • Understand
    the concepts related to cannula removal
  • Perform
    the skill of cannula removal efficiently

Instructor: Ms. Medha Verma – Senior
Manager – Nursing Education, Bodhi Health Education           

Facility: Ganga Ram School of
Nursing, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi

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    Details of the Course

    Often peripheral IV or intravenous approach is used as it is the ‘fastest’ to deliver fluids, electrolytes or medications in the body. Learn the following in this course.

    The module is divided into three parts:

    Part I:   Peripherally Inserted Venous Catheter (PIVC) cannulation

    Part II:  IV infusion Therapy

    Part III: Cannula removal

    Pre Quiz

    Part I: Peripherally Inserted Venous Catheter (PIVC) cannulation

    Peripherally inserted vein cannulation (PIVC) insertion is a vital skill to be aced by health professionals in any health care setting. It provides an efficient access to deliver medications, fluids and nutritional therapy.  It is among the most difficult and challenging skill to be learnt by health professionals.

    Inserting IV device needs understanding the concepts as ignorance may cost complications from local injury to systemic infections. We will learn the following in this module.

    • Introduction to PIVC cannulation
    • Selecting the site for cannulation
    • Peripheral IV cannula Gauze selection
    • Skill of performing PIVC cannulation

    PIVC Introduction - 3:25
    PIVC Insertion Site For Cannulation - 3:56
    Peripheral IV Cannula Gauge Selection - 2:53
    PIVC Procedure - 6:12

    Part II: IV infusion Therapy

    Intravenous infusion therapy refers to utilization of IV access site to deliver therapeutic treatment. Infusion therapy appears to be a simple procedure, but a little carelessness may result in certain problems for patients such as phlebitis, extravasation and infection. Learn the principles and skills behind IV infusion in this module.

    PIVC Infusion Therapy - 5:11

    Part III: Cannula removal

    A dilemma faced by professionals while using an IV access site is the duration for which it can be safely used. Many might debate the continued use of an IV site if it is free from signs of complications. Understand the rationale behind the suggested practice and learn the technique to remove cannula safely.

    Pivc Cannula Removal - 3:26

    Post Quiz

Maximum duration of video: 25:03
Total number of questions: 20

Course Instructors

Medha Verma

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Course Overview

Maximum duration of video: 25:03
Total number of questions: 20

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