Soft Skills: Personality Types


This course discusses in detail the various personality types depending upon their traits, their major characteristics, how to manage each personality type, how to identify the personality type of a person and the various factors that can cause friction between different types. The course is supplemented with interesting characters, videos, anecdotes and short quizzes to deepen the understanding of the concepts.

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    Lecture 1

    Introduction - 2:53

    Lecture 2

    Communication and Barriers to Communication - 4:14

    Lecture 3

    Personality Types - 5:19

    Lecture 4

    Personality Type - Director - 3:17

    Lecture 5

    Personality Type - Socializer - 3:16

    Lecture 6

    Personality Type - Relator - 3:20

    Lecture 7

    Personality Type - Thinker - 4:55

    Lecture 8

    Identifying the Personality Types - 4:57

    Lecture 9

    Friction Factors - 4:49
Maximum duration of video: 37:00
Total number of questions: 0

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Maximum duration of video: 37:00
Total number of questions: 0

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